Things that will help you strengthen your immune system

Catching a cold during the cold season is normal. What isn’t normal though, is catching colds and being sick with coughs often. If you are prone to getting sick often, then you might have realized by now that it not only interferes with your daily life and makes you less productive at work, it also takes the fun out of life. After all, if you have to be cautious about everything you eat and drink, or even the activities you can do, then it can become tiring very fast.

Contrary to popular belief, the reason for your frequent illnesses doesn’t always have to involve what you eat, and what activities you do. More often than not, it’s because of a weak immune system that you find yourself getting sick frequently. The good news is that; if you act now, you can still improve your immune system, that too without medicines. Here’s how.

Increase on your sleep

Sleep is very important for a human body. It rejuvenates and energizes both the body and the mind. Lack of sleep is one of the most common reasons for weak immune systems in today’s world. As most of us live full and busy lives that sometimes requires sacrificing sleep, losing sleep is considered normal. Try to regulate your sleep and create a sleep pattern. Catching 6-9 hours of sleep is best for your body; and you need to be honest to yourself—which means you have to let go of laying on bed and catching up with the rest of the world in the time you are better off sleeping.

Eat and drink clean

Just like sleep has become an option in today’s world, good and wholesome foods too have become a luxury. With time being our biggest enemy, we hardly take time to bolt down our coffee before rushing out in the mornings. Lunch is generally forgotten, and dinner would probably be something you can order and pick up, or whatever’s available in the fridge. If you want to strengthen your immune system, this has got to change. Try to eat at least two homemade meals each day and drink plenty of water. Protein rich foods are especially good for strengthening the immune system.

Get off the couch

Working all day, we know that the last thing you want to do is to exercise. But exercising is vital when it comes to having a healthy immune system. If possible, try jogging in the morning before you leave to work, and swimming in the weekends. As we know that this is not always possible, we recommend dancing to fast paced music for at least 20 minutes each day (or night, depending on when you have time) instead. Trust us, it will not only help strengthen your immune system, but also make you feel happier, make you more creative, and increase your productivity as well.

Try practicing a few destressing routines; this helps strengthen your immune system too!

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