Common headaches in the office crowd; Causes and Remedies

Living the busy lives we live, handling the busy schedules like ours, the last thing we need in our lives are headaches. It makes life miserable, puts us in a bad mood, and plays havoc with our work. While it might have been normal one upon a time to swallow a couple of headache banishing tablets, now a-days, people are a little more careful with what they consume.

We’ve put together a few things that usually causes headaches for office workers, and what can be done to prevent and cure these headaches, the natural way.

Staring at electronics

Most office workers (and almost everyone else, really) have to spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen. Naturally, this results in eye-strains and evolves into non-stop headaches. If you don’t take preventing steps, there’s a big possibility that you may damage your eyesight, permanently. If you have to work with computers regularly, try giving your eyes a break once every hour or so. If you work from home, then catch a catnap in between assignments to relax your eyes and your mind.

Working in the sunlight

Though it is not common for all office workers, working in the sunlight is part of the job description for some. The sun has rather a bad effect on our body after a being under it for a prolonged period of time—and a headache is one of them. Try to avoid being under direct sun if possible. Wear sunglasses and wide brimmed sun hats to protect yourself against the sun. It may not be very fashionable (but it could be!), but if wearing them prevents an inevitable headache, then it’s well worth it!

Drinking lots, and lots of water.

This sort of related to both the above. Whether you are stuck in front of a computer for long hours, or you’re outdoors and in the sun, dehydration is going to be an issue in either case. This dehydration will also cause headaches. If you think this may be the root of your headaches, then drink plenty of water. If you feel a difference, then take measures to ensure that you are always well hydrated. Carry a water bottle along with you wherever you go, and keep an extra bottle at your work table, and in your car as well.

Unforgiving hairstyles

Women tend to wear tight buns and slicked back pony tails for work as they are both efficient and professional to look at. This is the case especially if you work in an office. While the pulled back pony and bun might look good, it might also be one of the reasons for your headaches. Try experimenting with other work hairstyles that can allow your hair down, or at least a little loose. Who knows, perhaps you might even find a hairstyle that suits you better…!

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