4 massage techniques for shoulder pain

There might be several factors for you to consider in getting your shoulder back to normal. You will have to consider several massage techniques geared for shoulder pain. You will also have to read up about the latest methods out there in the market too. Here are some massage tricks for you to consider:

Rotator cuff exercises

There are several rotator cuff exercises for you to think about. You will have to carefully maneuver your shoulders around too. It’s a basic isometric exercise which you will have to use on your shoulder muscle. Tendons can contract and there might not be much movement on the joints. You will have to try your best to flex the pecs and biceps too. Make sure that you get some help from physiotherapy Geelong which will aid you in your shoulder muscle problems.

External rotation

External rotation is another method of making sure that your cuff or superior postero is on point. You can do this by making sure that your arm is bent in a 90 degree motion. This can be done by elevating your shoulder in different angles. You can also use this on your antero superior cuff tendinopathy, by placing your hands on your belly too.

Prone arm lift

This this yet another exercise which can be used on areas which have sub acromial pain. Some people have poor scapular movement which can affect their position and cause a lot of pain too. However, most people might find it difficult and will specify a particular spot this could be the damage done to the muscles in the shoulder area. You can try doing this while you are lying flat on your belly, bed or even bench too. You will have to try dangling your arm over the edge and lifting it up too. Keep in mind that the exact lift of the shoulder can vary. You can try physiotherapy Geelong on minimizing any pain you have. Ask the physicians in lowering your upper trapezium muscles too. Keep in mind the exercise can progress to even standing positions too. You will have to carefully think about the leg and trunk when doing squats too.

Pull down

Physiotherapy is recommended for strengthening your body. You will like to pull down for shoulder problems. You will have to try to restrict the movement of the shoulders when it becomes too stiff so make sure you try to stretch out your dorsi muscle carefully. You can try rotating the shoulder so that their will not be any joint imbalances too.

Remember that you will have to try your best to exercise your shoulder muscles slowly. Do not do any heavy exercises too.

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